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Energy Efficiency BS *

Are you starting to wonder if all this building energy efficiency stuff isn't just a lot of BS*

Has designing a building been reduced to complying with some weird spreadsheet ?

You probably want to talk to us then... SANS 10400 Part XA is all about producing energy efficient buildings, not about doing silly things that no one understands. We focus on the fundamentals - buildings that cost less to run and still provide the indoor environmental quality that make them very productive.

Everyone is a green building expert these days, but how many have tested their skills on the international stage? We have completed the first 2 LEED 2009 Gold Projects here in Africa, with more on the way. So it seems we know a little bit about high performance green buildings!

As members of the USGBC, IGBC, GBCA, GBCSA we can spot greenwashing and BS** from a mile away. Let us help you produce a well balanced building that saves your client money and provides the best productive environment, without putting your project at risk dabbling with fanciful ideas.

You look after the design, and we look after the BS***

BS* Bad Science
BS** no, the other one
BS*** Building Science

Energy Efficiency Building Science

energy meter s

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