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Building Envelope Modelling

The building envelope is what separates the occupants from the outdoors, and a good envelope design is crucial to creating an energy efficient and comfortable indoor environment. Beyond the building shape and orientation, the thermal aspects of envelope design include placement and sizing of thermal mass, insulation, glazing and shading.
Every building’s envelope requirements are unique, and applying a general approach is guaranteed to lead to an expensive solution that may or may not actually be saving energy and improving comfort. By creating detailed computer models we can identify what elements really make a difference, allowing for a balanced and cost effective building envelope.
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Thermal Model Geometry - A 3D representation of a thermal model’s geometry being built – surrounding buildings often have a significant impact on the energy use and comfort of a building, and need to be modelled with sufficient detail.

Typical Daily Analysis - One of the greatest advantages of energy modelling is the ability to see exactly how much energy is gained or lost at any given moment, and also where those gains and losses are coming from. This is crucial to a balanced building design.

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